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In the age of data inflation, we endeavor to aggregate information and make it not only accessible but also manageable and structured. The Middle Eastern Historical Data Integration Endeavor (MEHDIE) aims to address the multilingual Medieval Middle Eastern History domain which lacks efficient integration platforms and tools. Bringing together several curated geo-historical data sets in Arabic, Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic, along with their English translations, we will harness the historic affinity between the semitic languages, and the technology of Knowledge Graphs, to create a fundamental data resource containing multilingual historical and geographical information and supporting data-driven research by humanities scholars.



The MEHDIE map contains information about people, places, events and groups of people, allowing researchers to view its aggregate information in a geographical representation.

You can check the MEHDIE map here

Data Sources

Document digitization and text analysis methods have dramatically increased the number of digitally available historical sources in Semitic languages over the recent years. Recent achievements in text processing in both Arabic and Hebrew enable the extraction of structured information on places, people, organizations, and events from these texts.

Parallel to these developments, various endeavors to create open repositories for structured historical data in Hebrew and Arabic have emerged in recent years. These resources, however, remain disconnected and no unifying interface exists that allows researchers to ask data-driven questions over multiple sources irrespective of their source language.

Our Team

Tomer Sagi, PhD.
- Principal Investigator -
Moran Zaga, Dr.
- Researcher -
Sinai Rusinek, Dr.
- Researcher -
Efraim Lev, Prof.
- Researcher -


This project is generously supported by the e-Lijah lab, the digital humanities laboratory in the Department of Israeli History at the University of Haifa. The lab provides personnel, data and other resources to support MEHDIE's work.

The MEHDIE project is funded by a three year grant from the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology , Israel, titled "Multi-lingual data integration: A historical knowledge graph for the Middle-East".

We wish to thank Karl Grossner of the World Historical Gazetter for providing the code over which our own system is based and his continuing support and guidance.

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